Thursday, May 10, 2012

When life gives you lemons... Add salt!!

So  you want to hear something neat? I got a stain out of my clothes! Ya… I know… exciting right? (don’t roll your eyes.. get ready to have your mind blown).

So, I wore this new white shirt to the rodeo for the first time. It was brand new.. and I loved it. The problem is that I only wore it once! When I went to wear it again, I noticed there was a small orange stain on it. It was like an orange dot (almost like an orange pen and marked it or something). Anyway, I tried spray n wash, and Biz… to no avail. L I was  very disappointed because… well.. I had only worn it once!!!!

I finally decided to bleach the spot since the shirt was white. So I used my handy bleach pen and let it set for a few hours. Guess what! The stain was still there!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. What the heck was this spot? What could stand up against bleach?! If I knew WHAT it was, maybe I could google it or something. I had no clue though. So, I decided to go out on a limb. I was at rodeo and the spot was kind of orange, so maybe it was …. Rust? I had no clue but figured I would give it one more shot (before sending my new shirt to goodwill).

I looked up how to get rust out of clothes on google. One of the sites said that bleach is the worst thing for rust (GRREEEAAATT!). However, it suggested that put lemon juice on it and then rub salt on it and let it set. Eh.. didn’t sound like that would work (heck bleach didn’t work)… but guess what… *drum roll please*… IT WORKED!!!! I had to do it twice but it got the spot out! I couldn’t flipping believe it. So my shirt lives again! Therefore, lesson learned… if you can’t get anything to work… try lemon juice and salt! 


  1. It's the vitamin C that does the trick (ascorbic acid). I ordered some huge jars of vitamin C to remove rust stains in my pool...and it worked like a charm. Only after going through all that effort to figure a way to remove the pool stains via the Internet I mentioned my success to Reba and she said, in a most casual manner, "Oh yeah, lemons and salt are good for rust stains..."

    It figures; if there is a household "fix" for something Reba probably knows about it! Of course, filling the pool with lemonade would NOT have been a good idea...

  2. Isn't this the doomed shirt.? Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. All that work on the stain only to stick it in the dryer and have it shrink. Maybe Google has a solution for that too. If so, please let me know. :)