Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm an Aunt! (Ya I know this post is late!)

As many of you know, this January my sister had a baby (cue the "awww"s). Anyway, his name is Travis Jr. or TJ as we call him. He is super duper cute! I was really lucky to get to be there for the whole thing. I will just give you a short snip it of how the whole thing happened. Yes, I promise this post will be full of pictures of cute little TJ. (Also, for a more "in-depth" story... head to my sister's blog at T.A.B.L.E Talk.

Anyway, since I had a week before I started my new job. I moved my flight to be a week later than planned. I was originally supposed to fly back right after the cruise.. to prepare for audit busy season ... yuk! However, my plans changed when I got a new job offer. Then I pushed my flight to the following Saturday (yay for Southwest and no change fees! and no bag fees! ... I just love Southwest!). I basically just stayed at a hotel with my mom and dad in Florida, and waiting for Brittany (my sister) to ... pop. We were walking every day and just keeping active to hopefully help the baby come faster. We all wanted him to come before I had to leave on Saturday. His due date was on Thursday though, so we were hoping he wouldn't be any later than that. Of course, all bets are off with your first kid.

Anyway, Monday night, we went to the hospital. Brittany was having some light contractions (nothing that painful) so we wanted to check. TJ was not ready to come at that point. We all went home. The next day, we just spent the day "chilling". It was mostly a waiting game. Skip to Wednesday. Wednesday morning Brittany had a doctors appt. The doctor/midwife told her that she thought TJ would come before Saturday. That was good news to hear, but we were still hoping he would come sooner than Saturday.

At around 11am on Wednesday, Brittany started having hard contractions (double over in pain contractions). We didn't want to go to the hospital again until we were SURE SURE SURE she was in labor. It was about this point that my mom said "Brittany, you are going to have this baby at 1am". We all laughed it off (except for Brittany who was gripping someone's arm... anyone's arm..) :).  Sure enough... later that evening, we all decided it would be a good idea to go to the doctor's office again... just to "check". We got there, and the doctor/midwife Dorothy told Brittany to go to the hospital and that she would be there in about an hour to put in the epidural request. YAY! This was such exciting news!!

Basically from here on out it is pretty straightforward, so I will just summarize: Brittany in pain, Brittany REALLY in pain, Brittany REALLY contracting, Brittany get epidural, Brittany relaxes for awhile, Brittany gets some petosin, Brittany sleeps a bit more, Brittany is ready for labor, Mom and Lindsey hold Brittanys legs as she gets ready to push, Brittany pushes, and pushes and pushes and pushes, TJ comes out, Lindsey almost passes out in delivery room.... the end.....

Just kidding. Well, I am kidding about it being the "end", I am not kidding about me almost passing out/vomiting. I was there for the "whole thing". I mean, heck I was holding one of her legs yelling "push"! Brittany was such a trooper. I mean, I don't think I have ever seen her work at something so hard! I was impressed (and scared that I would have to do that someday... eesh!). I was really surprised that I almost lost it. I used to watch C-sections on those surgery TV shows when I was a child. I definitely can handle blood, etc. I don't know what happened but as soon as I caught site of the umbilical cord... that was it! Anyway, on to the baby....

(cue "awwww"s again)

He is so cute. I got to hold him a lot in the hospital since I had to leave to come back home to Texas. He is just so cuddly and has the cutest fingers and toes! He is a bit older now... so here are some updated pics :)


  1. awww congrats Auntie Lindsey!!! You're strong too and can do that one day too ;-)

  2. Love this post! So funny! Interesting to hear it from someone else's perspective! =] And btw, you will be a champ at giving birth!