Monday, July 30, 2012

The Little Mermaid

Every little girl has their favorite Disney princess. I know my sister’s favorite was Jasmine; she just was enthralled with her as a little girl. My favorite Disney princess has always been Ariel (also known as The Little Mermaid). As a little girl, I collected everything that was “The Little Mermaid”. I had Ariel dolls, toothbrushes, and clothes, etc. My sister and I even used to pretend we were mermaids when we went swimming (though I am sure most little girls did this!). Anyway, I was obsessed. Honestly, maybe this is where my fascination with red hair came from, and my desire to sing... haha who knows (although I partly blame Anne of Green Gables for the red hair fascination too)!

When I found out a few years ago, that Thomas Kinkade was doing a Disney series… I was so excited! I always liked Thomas Kinkade’s work… and as a kid Disney was such a huge part of my life. I was born in California, so I frequented Disneyland as a young child. When we moved to FL, we purchased season passes to Disney World and joined the Disney Vacation Club. Whenever I do go to Disney World Resorts, the sign says “Welcome Home” and it truly feels that way. Disney World is just filled with wonderful memories with my family and friends. I even went to college in Orlando, so Disney was never very far away. When I went to Paris a few years ago, one of my favorite things was going to Disney Paris. There is just something that always feels “safe” when you are at a Disney park, and I love that. But anyway, back to Thomas Kinkade. 

I waited patiently over the last few years for Kinkade to come out with the Little Mermaid painting. I waited and waited... and waited. I was pretty disappointed when he came out with The Princess and the Frog before The Little Mermaid. I mean seriously… The Little Mermaid has seniority!! Anyway, when the news that Thomas Kinkade had died was released, I was devastated. I thought The Little Mermaid hadn’t been produced, and now it would never be! I was also sad that such a talented artist had died like he did. Anyway, about a month after his death (more or less), I started searching “Little Mermaid paintings” on Google. I still wanted a Little Mermaid painting even if it wasn’t by him. I saw this one in Google images and it looked like something he would have put out… sure enough it was!!!! I quickly went to the Thomas Kinkade gallery site and found that before he died… he had made The Little Mermaid painting (it was the last Disney painting before his death). Omgosh! I just had to have it! 
So, we bought it (Ivan’s parents even chipped in some money toward it). Luckily it wasn’t too expensive (despite Kinkade’s death). We ordered the painting months ago but due to the influx of orders received at the gallery, we didn’t get it until recently. So… here is is!!!

Isn’t it beautiful! I am totally in love! The great thing is that the gallery also had a master highlighting event where they had it master highlighted!! 

I am so glad to have this masterpiece hanging in my home. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Tribute to my Uncle Russell

I write this blog entry with tears in my eyes. This is not entry that I had planned to write, at least not in the near future. For those of you who follow me on facebook, you are probably already aware of what has happened. Late in the evening on July 12th, my dear Uncle Russell died in his home in Spring, TX. 
At first, I was unable to cope at all… I couldn’t even think. It was difficult to just keep myself together. We received the call at 3am on July 13th from my Aunt Reba who had just arrived home from Dallas, to find her husband's body. He had just spoken with her on the phone a few hours earlier. My husband Ivan had seen him the previous day. We had dinner plans on Saturday evening. I will never forget waking up at 3am to my husband on the phone with someone, giving contact information for other family members, and asking if “he needed to come over”. I knew something was wrong. When I asked what was wrong in a frantic, “just woken up” state of mind, he turned, sighed and said “Uncle Russell died”. These words were impossible to me… it felt like I was in a time warp or a dream state. It was as if my mind was playing tricks on me… did I just hear that? I couldn’t have heard that. I started to sob, and sob, and sob, as I attempted to get dressed to go be with my Aunt. 

My Uncle Russell and Aunt Reba live within a mile of us, actually in the same development. We drive by their home every day. We saw them frequently for dinners, holidays, birthdays, BBQs, and just random get-togethers. Often times when we were walking around the neighborhood, we would stop by as we walked by their house. We moved into this area to live close to them.  This can’t be happening… it just….. can’t. But somehow in my mind… I know.. that it is. 

When we arrived at the house, the police had just arrived. I almost jumped out of the car before Ivan even had a chance to park it. I ran into the house, to find Reba standing there…with a tears soaked shirt, and blood shot eyes. It was as if she had seen a ghost. I ran to her and we embraced… and then we cried, and cried, and cried some more. This could not be happening. Russell was healthy; he just had a physical; for goodness sake, we had dinner plans for Saturday! What could have happened? Why was this happening?

We stayed until around 6am. At this point I had to get ready for work, although, I couldn’t bear the thought of actually going there. I was in a zombie state at work… I couldn’t think, I didn’t really want to talk… I just wanted to cry. I was off and on all day… crying and then “having it together” and then crying again. Ivan was with my Aunt, and her sisters also came by to be with her. As soon as I left work, I came to the house. 

This has been such an awful experience. Uncle Russell was the closest relative I had to being in my immediate family. My parents (as many of you know) live around 16 hours away. Russell was almost a surrogate father since my father lived so far way. When I had questions about projects around the house, he was always there to help and give me advice. When it was Memorial Day and we wanted to have a BBQ, who did we call? Uncle Russell and Aunt Reba. We have spent the last two Thanksgivings with them in our home.  I remember one day that we just were making a lot of food and we knew that Reba was going to be out of town so we invited him over. It was a great night! We ate steaks, and mashed potatoes, and had Brazilian cheese bread. Then we all talked until around 10:30pm….these are the wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. 

I know many people have asked me how he died. He was not sick, he was perfectly healthy. His death was caused by one of his arteries in his heart giving out. The wall had thinned and it just gave out. There is a medical term for it, but I can’t remember it. Either way, the coroner said that even if he had been in the hospital when it occurred, there wouldn’t have been anything the doctors could have done. More than likely, it caused him to pass out and then die almost instantly. There are also no preventative tests that can determine whether this will happen or not. There is just no way of knowing. His death was truly sudden and unexpected. 

Russell was truly a wonderful person… he will be missed by everyone who knew him. Please keep my family and especially Russell’s wife, Reba in your prayers.

Here is a video I created for his memorial service. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lindsey Portugal Photography

Hey ya’ll,

Well it has been quite a long time since my last blog post.  I didn’t mean to leave it like that... I have just been so busy in the last couple weeks (with work and some tragic family events which I will explain later). I will probably be pretty busy going forward as well. Part of the reason I have been busy is because I have been busy launching my business. In the last few weeks I have launched Lindsey Portugal Photography! So, after I get home from my full time job in the corporate world, I study, shoot, edit, and plan.

Honestly, it has been so exciting. Although, I am super busy and sometimes am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I am enjoying it! So, what exactly have I been doing? Well… I have been studying my photography books, doing a few different shoots, editing photos, attending conferences, filing government documents (the government wants their sales tax *wink*), and developing the website. 

Now, that last one has mainly been my husband’s job. Ivan has been SUCH a sport in all of this. I really couldn’t do any of this without him. He has been researching technology for me (any technology other than cameras of course), website “stuff”, and a bunch of other things. He has also been such a great assistant on my shoots! He also designed my website from scratch (it is so nice to be married to a software engineer!). 

I finally have a small portfolio… and now I am just busy starting to advertise. I just got my sales tax license the other day and my business cards finally arrived too! 

I also upgraded my camera already. Cameras are so expensive and so is glass (lenses). It took me forever to make a decision…but I finally did and I am super excited about. I now have a Canon 5d Mark III. My next investment is going to be this lens I really want. Until then, I am just practicing a lot and trying to learn all the new features on my camera. 

Anyway, so without further ado… check out !!! Let me know what you thing…and last but not least…if you like the work,  recommend me to your friends!