Monday, July 30, 2012

The Little Mermaid

Every little girl has their favorite Disney princess. I know my sister’s favorite was Jasmine; she just was enthralled with her as a little girl. My favorite Disney princess has always been Ariel (also known as The Little Mermaid). As a little girl, I collected everything that was “The Little Mermaid”. I had Ariel dolls, toothbrushes, and clothes, etc. My sister and I even used to pretend we were mermaids when we went swimming (though I am sure most little girls did this!). Anyway, I was obsessed. Honestly, maybe this is where my fascination with red hair came from, and my desire to sing... haha who knows (although I partly blame Anne of Green Gables for the red hair fascination too)!

When I found out a few years ago, that Thomas Kinkade was doing a Disney series… I was so excited! I always liked Thomas Kinkade’s work… and as a kid Disney was such a huge part of my life. I was born in California, so I frequented Disneyland as a young child. When we moved to FL, we purchased season passes to Disney World and joined the Disney Vacation Club. Whenever I do go to Disney World Resorts, the sign says “Welcome Home” and it truly feels that way. Disney World is just filled with wonderful memories with my family and friends. I even went to college in Orlando, so Disney was never very far away. When I went to Paris a few years ago, one of my favorite things was going to Disney Paris. There is just something that always feels “safe” when you are at a Disney park, and I love that. But anyway, back to Thomas Kinkade. 

I waited patiently over the last few years for Kinkade to come out with the Little Mermaid painting. I waited and waited... and waited. I was pretty disappointed when he came out with The Princess and the Frog before The Little Mermaid. I mean seriously… The Little Mermaid has seniority!! Anyway, when the news that Thomas Kinkade had died was released, I was devastated. I thought The Little Mermaid hadn’t been produced, and now it would never be! I was also sad that such a talented artist had died like he did. Anyway, about a month after his death (more or less), I started searching “Little Mermaid paintings” on Google. I still wanted a Little Mermaid painting even if it wasn’t by him. I saw this one in Google images and it looked like something he would have put out… sure enough it was!!!! I quickly went to the Thomas Kinkade gallery site and found that before he died… he had made The Little Mermaid painting (it was the last Disney painting before his death). Omgosh! I just had to have it! 
So, we bought it (Ivan’s parents even chipped in some money toward it). Luckily it wasn’t too expensive (despite Kinkade’s death). We ordered the painting months ago but due to the influx of orders received at the gallery, we didn’t get it until recently. So… here is is!!!

Isn’t it beautiful! I am totally in love! The great thing is that the gallery also had a master highlighting event where they had it master highlighted!! 

I am so glad to have this masterpiece hanging in my home. 

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