Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 1: Happiness Project- Lattes, Work, and Clean House

Today was Day 1 of the Happiness Project. So let’s get to it. You may want to note that I am not blogging these real time, so this "day" actually occurred a few days ago. In an attempt to not bombard you all with posts EVERY DAY, I will be spreading them out. The three things I am thankful for today are:

1. My Panera Caramel Latte
This morning I actually woke up in a pretty good mood. I slept in a bit so I really didn’t have time for breakfast. Therefore, I grabbed an apple and decided I could drive through the Panera to get myself a coffee. I would drive through Starbucks but they have not confirmed anything as gluten free to this date so I am drinking Panera coffee for now. It was a great treat to start my morning. I can’t wait for the pumpkin spice latte to come out at Panera… YUM!

2. A Slow to Average Day at work
Today I didn’t have a ton to do but I did have a small project I needed to complete. This allowed me to just relax, take my time, and complete the project. I didn’t have many interruptions, so it wasn’t crazy hectic. However, it was also nice that it wasn’t too slow. Sometimes I have days with nothing to do and those days go by so slowly.

3. A Clean Island 
The large island in our house is typically littered with paper, dishes, and everything! This last weekend, I had a burst of energy and cleaned it up. It somehow has managed to remain fairly clean. When that island is clean it is amazing how much better I feel. It is like, the whole house could be a mess, but if that island is clean… the house feels clean. It was great!

I exercised today as well. I came home from work and did Insanity, although I did NOT feel like doing it, I forced myself. Now, I feel pretty good. I was also under my caloric goal for the day so I think I did pretty well. Btw, if any of you Portugal Ponderings readers use My Fitness Pal,  let me know! I can friend you on there. My username is LindseyPortugal.

I spent around an hour just going through my Beth Moore Bible Study “God’s Dwelling Place”. I am doing this study with my dear friend Cheryl. It has really been great so far. I am learning a lot. I also spent some time in prayer during my hour. It was a great time to just spend with God. 

Random Act of Kindness: 
I am not sure I should blog this part, but I wrote an email. Who knows? Maybe you were the lucky recipient of the email. I think that is all I will say on this. 

So far, Day 1 is going well… we will see how the next 29 days go!

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  1. Great job, Lindsey! Way to go! Sounds like an accomplished day- those are the best. Good luck!