Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 2: Happiness Project-Shirt, Leather, and Hair

Today was Day 2 of the Happiness Project.  Click here to find out more about the Happiness Project. Feel free to join in with your own blog. Post your link in the comments so that I can follow you and see what you are thankful for! The three things I am thankful for today are:

1. My Shirt
I got this shirt/sweater the other day at the White House/Black Market outlet and I totally love it. I wore it with jeans today to work. I still can’t get over how much I love it! The only problem I had with it was that it was so wide necked that it would fall off my shoulders… or worse yet, show my bra strap, eesh! But, the other day I noticed this weird “nob” under the cloth of the shoulder and found that it had a built in snap system. Basically, you take the ribbon, run it under your bra strap and snap it to the shirt. It works like a charm. My shirt stayed in place all day. Totally happy with it!

2. The Leather Getting Fixed on my Car
We paid for this leather protector at the Mazda dealer when we got our Miata 1.5 years ago. It was a 5 year warranty on the leather. Basically, if the leather got stained or whatever, they would have to replace it. That was the guarantee of this “leather protector deal” that we did. Well the other day, I was looking at the leather and there was this dark blue area on the driver’s seat. Basically, it was where the color of my jeans had rubbed off on the tan leather. I tried to get it off “gently” but was unable to. Ivan took it to the Mazda dealer and they fixed it up for us! I am excited to have the chairs back, good as new!

3. My Hair Dresser
As many of you know… I am not “naturally” a redhead.  I know.. *gasp*! Haha! Anyway, I have been trying to get the perfect natural redhead color for years. Honestly, it has really been a pain. My hair has literally been every shade of red on the planet. I finally found one guy who seemed to get it “almost right” but the problem was, every time I got my hair done… my hair would be as bright as a traffic cone! After about 2 weeks, it would fade to the perfect color (right about the time that my roots were starting to grow out). Anyway, I recently (about 3 months ago) went to see Jessica Hatcher at Salon Beaux Cheveux…. And I LOVE her. She used CHI color, which I had never tried.  The company is actually headquartered right here in Houston (so yay for using local products!). She nailed the color with the CHI system on the first shot. I was so excited. My hair color stays consistent from when it is first done to the day before I get it re-done. It really doesn’t fade much (which is great when it comes to reds!). Anyway, I have been loving my hair color lately. It has been one thing less I have had to worry about. 

This is where I failed today. I didn't get a chance to exercise. I came home and Ivan wanted to work on some website stuff. He needed my opinion, and there was really no other time. Tomorrow, I definitely will be exercising though!

Yesterday, I have to be honest… I got pretty distracted during this time. For some reason, when I am just trying to calmly study God’s word, all my “to do” items pop into my head. Therefore, I had my to do list handy so I could just write them down and move on. Today, my meditation time was a bit more “interactive”. I spent the hour watching the Beth Moore video related to the “God’s Dwelling Place” study. During this time, I focused on what she was teaching and tried to reflect on how I can apply God’s truth to my life. I also took a relaxing bath while I listened to Christmas music (yes I start Christmas music in September.. don't judge!) :). 

Random Act of Kindness: 
I wrote my dear friend in China. It has been awhile since we have been in touch so it was great to touch base with her.  I have some very exciting plans for my random act of kindness going forward. I am very excited about it. 

Day 2 down, 28 days to go!

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  1. Aww Lindsey I LOVE having you as a client and a friend!!! Thank you for promoting me on your blog!!!