Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 4: Happiness Project - Pumpkin Spice, Ivan, and Time

Today was Day 4 of the Happiness Project. Click here to find out more about the Happiness project. Feel free to join in with your own blog. Post your link in the comments so that I can follow you and see what you are thankful for! The three things I am thankful for today are:

1. Panera Pumpkin Spice Latte
Yay! It is back! I am so excited. I love pumpkin spice lattes. When I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I discovered that Starbucks won’t say whether their lattes are or aren’t gluten free. Therefore, the presence of “natural flavors” in their syrup could cause me an issue if it is barley based. However, Panera came to my rescue! Their lattes ARE gluten free. I drove through this morning to get my yummy treat... *sigh* it is fall (in my mind).

2. For Ivan
This one will probably appear a couple times throughout this project. I am very thankful for a husband who loves me and helps me so much. Today has been somewhat stressful for him because he has a business trip coming up, so he is trying to prepare for that. He also took the CX5 in to get the license plates put on. He also had a few other meetings today. He has been very busy and stressed. I appreciate that he handles so much so that I don’t have to. He is a great husband!

3. Time yesterday to edit photos
Yesterday I was supposed to exercise. However, instead of exercising I started working on some photos that I had in my camera. I hadn’t really done a download from my camera in a while. I needed to get some of the photos off the card for my blog entries. I was able to get the photos from the Laughlin’s shower edited and my blog photos uploaded. I also designed the logo for the Pinterest Procrastination Project (seen here). That was super fun! Anyway, it was a productive night as Ivan was working late so the house was pretty quiet. 

Did not exercise. This is going to be my downfall. 

I spent some time in the “God’s Dwelling Place” study. It was basically all about the Tabernacle today. I enjoyed it and spent some time journaling my prayers. It was much needed. The verse that really stuck out for me was Deut 23:14 "Since the LORD your God walks in the midst of your camp to deliver you and to defeat your enemies before you, therefore your camp must be holy; and He must not see anything indecent among you or He will turn away from you.”

Random Act of Kindness: 
I wrote an encouraging email to catch up with an old friend. This seems to be my default “random act”. Anyone else have ideas? I having trouble coming up with some. 

Day 4 down, 26 days to go!

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