Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organizing Cards...the Easy Way!

I am kind of cheating with this Pinterest Procrastination Project (PPP) this week. This project that I am writing about today I actually completed a few months back. However, I forgot to blog about it then and I think it is worth mentioning.

So, have you ever wondered what to do with all the cards you get? You know, the ones you get for birthdays, Christmas, when you are sick etc. Well, after I got married, I had all these sweet cards from guests at the wedding. I really didn't know what to do with them. At first, I started trying to scrapbook them all. I realized that would soon become overly tedious. I would end up with a large stack of cards "waiting" to be scrapbooked. Therefore, I needed an easier solution.

I found this gem on Pinterest!

This project was pretty easy to do. It took me awhile because I had so many cards that I had to hole punch. I did alter this design a little. I wanted to be able to hang the cards up on the wall. Having two rings would prohibit that. Therefore, I only did one.

Step 1. I gathered all my cards together. I also purged any cards that didn't have personal notes or pictures. I also divided them into the following categories: Birthday, Valentines, Christmas 2008, Christmas 2009, Christmas 2010, Christmas 2011, Thank you, Random.

I will eventually purge Christmas 2008 as I get other cards.

Step 2. I punched a hole in the upper left hand corner of all the cards and letters.

Step 3. I ran a ring through all of the cards in each category.

Step 4. Hang the cards by the ring wherever  you want! I would show them hung up, but we are in the middle of an office makeover (I promise I will share later!), so I don't have them hung up right now.

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  1. I really love this project! It's such a great thing to do with cards you don't want to get rid of.

  2. I totally do this because of you =) all our wedding cards, last years Christmas and will be doing this years too