Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roasted Tomato Soup...Yum!

*whew* You are lucky I did any Pinterest projects this week.. haha! I have been crazy psycho busy! I typically try to do my projects on the weekend. This weekend though was loaded with photoshoots, and the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I was slammed packed to say the least! However, I did get around to doing   a recipe from a pin I pinned. 

Since it is officially fall, I decided to break out the soup recipes. I have always loved soups but my taste buds are more interested in the highly caloric cream based soups (forget vegetable based soups.. hah!). Anyway, I found some great soup recipes via this pin. You may actually see these recipes pop up a couple times during the Pinterest Procrastination Project. ( Btw, one of these days I am going to do a link up so you all can share your Pinterest projects, so be ready!). 

Anyway, I tried this roasted tomato soup recipe. I have never been a big tomato soup person. I don’t know why. It may be because the Cambell’s version tastes like liquid ketchup? Who know! I decided to give this one a shot. Now, I did use a bit less oil than the recipe (1 TBS less). I just didn’t see a need for 3 TBS of oil. If I was to do it again, I probably would use even less. I also would use half and half instead of heavy whipping cream. Often times, I find it gives a similar taste for much less calories. However, since this was the first attempt, I didn’t want to cut too many corners. 

Here is the pin

I roasted the tomatoes first with the seasonings called for in the pin (click on the pin to get the full recipe).

When they were all shriveled they went into the pot with the tomato sauce and other ingredients. The heavy whipping cream went in at the end. Then I had to blend all the ingredients together for a smooth consistency.

Here is the final product.

Omgoodness, I have totally been missing out! I love this tomato soup. It tastes delicious. The roasted tomatoes provide a really nice flavor. I actually had a Lunch/Dinner that consisted of this and a gluten free grilled cheese sandwich. It was total fall bliss! Top it off with a pumpkin spice latte in the morning and it was a great “food” day! YUM!

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