Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Thicker Ponytail??

I only have one Pinterest project for you this week! I know I have been slacking here a bit, but October is such a busy month at work and I am also trying to manage the photography business!  

Here is the pin. I figured I would try this to see if it would make my ponytail look a bit thicker. I had my doubts because my hair is so fine. This girl has really thick hair so I was unsure if it would really work. 

Well to say this ended up looking ridiculous is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Haha! Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself. Maybe I didn't do it correctly but I definitely tried. My hair would just NOT do it.

So far so good....

And here is where it failed

But, I decided to try something a BIT different.

I made the pony tail in the middle

Then I pulled the other hair around it
This looked a lot more natural to me... however, I wouldn't say it created much more volume. I mean, honestly, how could it? It is the same amount of hair... so why would it look thicker? I guess the base of the pony looks bigger (because there are two hair ties in there). Anyway, it was a bummer. Have you tried any Pinterest projects that have failed? 

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