Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 14: Happiness Project - Day Off, Website, Bath

Today was Day 14 of the Happiness Project. Click here to find out more about the Happiness project. Three thankful items: 

1) Day off tomorrow 
I realized I had about 11 hours remaining in my vacation balance for the year (after subtracting out my planned December vacation time). I can’t take vacation in October due to quarter end close. Therefore, I got approved to take a day tomorrow. It will be great to have some time to “re-charge” before quarter starts up. I also am going to take the remainder as a half day the day before Thanksgiving which will be nice. Of course, I will probably spend the day editing more photos. However, that will catch me up before my shoot tomorrow! Woot! (Don't forget these posts are on a delay). 

My website address got moved. Although I really liked Lindsey Portugal Photography, it was just REALLY long. I guess that is what happens when you have a name that is 15 letters long on its own. Anyway, we purchased the domain so everything has been migrated over there. The LindseyPortugalPhotography domain will forward to this new one. 

3) A Nice Bath
The last couple nights have been rough. They have consisted of frozen pre-made indian food, me, my computer, and a ton of photos. Last night I finally hit a good stopping point on one of my shoots. I still have to do a last look before I export and deliver, but it was a great stop (I was up until 11:45pm). This is one of the things that is so tough for me… It takes me around 8 hours to edit one shoot. Talk about crazy!!!! Most people it takes like 1-2 hours. I however edit each photo individually.. which is ridiculous. I “attempt” to batch process using Lightroom, but then I always go back and individually tweek the photos. Hopefully, I will eventually get the hang of quick editing. Either way, back to this item, I just took a bath tonight to “relax”. It was nice because Ivan was out of the house for a work event and then soccer. I just “chilled”.

Ya.. ug.. no

I spent some more time in prayer today. I have been enjoying just praying for a bit. I have been doing a Beth Moore study and I have really been enjoying it. I finished one of the weeks though and I am just spending some time in prayer before starting the next week. I have really had a heavy heart lately. It may just be that the holidays are approaching, but I am really wanting a change. We will see. 

Random Act of Kindness: 
I am putting down the fact that I did two free photoshoots recently and edited them BOTH within one week. Of course, that meant I put laundry, cooking, cleaning, blogging etc all on the backburner… but who cares right? 

Day 14 down, 16 days to go!

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