Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 18: Happiness Project - CreativeLive, Photoshoot, Graves Disease

Today was Day 18 of the Happiness Project. Click here to find out more about the Happiness project. Today I have really been experiencing some anxiety. I am hoping I can snap out of it at some point during the day. Three thankful items: 

1) CreativeLive Course
Ivan let me purchase a creative live course to watch. I wanted to watch it live (which is free) but my phone is ghetto and it wouldn’t work. Drove me nuts! Anyway, ya, so I bought it so I could watch it later. 

2) Another Photoshoot
I just booked another photoshoot for the upcoming weeks! I keep getting busier and busier with my photography, I may have to outsource my editing!

3) Grave’s Disease-Gone?
Found out at my doctor appt, that I can get off my medication!!!!!!! I am super excited about this. It has been an answer to 1.5 years of prayer. I will write a more thorough blog entry about this later. I still have to see what happens when I am off the medication (because I could relapse) but so far so good. We will know more in January (when I get tested again). 

I did a 5K this weekend. I am counting that for like.. ever hahah!!! I need to get back to exercising. The weather has cooled down so it is the perfect time to get back at it. 

I didn’t really do any of this actually. But the work day was pretty blah so I just sat there… not sure if that counts? Haha!

Random Act of Kindness: 
I bought a colleague at work (who was having a REALLY bad day) a pack of peanut M&Ms. 

Day 18 down, 12 days to go! 

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