Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 9: Happiness Project-Failure...

Sorry about the last week... it was crazy busy around the Portugal home... so I didn't get around to downloading my pictures. Anyway, on to day 9. I can't promise any Pinterest project this week, but we will see how it goes!

Today was Day 9 of the Happiness Project. Click here to find out more about the Happiness project. Honestly today I have had a really hard time. Today I got a lot of bad news in general. I was really excited about the potential for me to get the iphone, but it seems that Verizon has placed so many restrictions on it that it will not be worth it. Not to mention, I thought the “talk+surf” would be an option for the 4G LTE but I guess not. We also got some bad news related to some things we were waiting. Overall it has been a pretty disappointing day. But let’s still try to find three things to be thankful for: 

1. Francesca’s Collection Earrings
So as I mentioned earlier, I went to a Blogger Symposium. At this event, we got a few goodie bags. Typically I find that the stuff in goodie bags is not that amazing. However, I was definitely shocked by the loot I snagged in these bags.  Check out these earrings!!! I typically don’t wear gold, but every once in awhile, I find the perfect outfit for the occasion.. Voila! What do  you think? I lurve them!  


When I started my photography business in May’ish, I really started by reading and just doing research. In my search for information, I ran across Jasmine Star. I watched her videos on the photography business and scanned through the multitude of resources that she made available to people like me! I really admire her passion for photography and her desire to help others trying to make it in the business. I even emailed her a few times just to say “Thanks”. I also find it so interesting that we have so much in common. I swear, if we lived in the same area we would probably be best buds! Haha! Don’t believe me? Check it out, we were both homeschooled, we are both Christians (her father actually goes to a Calvary Chapel), we both feel like a wallflowers in social situations, and we both have/had an irrational fear of failure. I am sure many people also feel as if they are wall flowers or constantly have that voice in their head saying “you can’t do it” but the fact that she was homeschooled definitely boggles my mind. Go homeschoolers! 

3. Safe Drive Home 
I was pretty upset today so I am glad I was able to safely drive home. See, I told you this was going to be a tough day to get my three thankful things in. 

Nope, I was pretty much a mess. Therefore, not exercise. I think I am totally failing in this arena.  

I spent a lot of time in prayer today. I also did my Bible study. But I did a lot of praying. 

Random Act of Kindness: 
Nope… did nothing here. This was pretty much a failure of a day. 

Day 9 down, 21 days to go!

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