Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 27-28: Happiness Project - Thanksgiving, Christmas Decor, Aunt Reba

Today was Day 27 of the Happiness Project. Click here to find out more about the Happiness project. 
Three thankful items: 

1) My parents arriving for Thanksgiving
I just picked my parents up from the airport and they are spending the week with us for Thanksgiving! So I am excited to have them here. 

2) Being almost done with the happiness project
Honestly, I think I have failed at this project. I have been totally absent from doing any of it for like the entire month of November. It is like I just stopped. Basically, I think the election and sickness got in the way. Anyway, I am just trying to finish it all up now. 

3) Christmas decorations are almost up
On Sunday I put up the majority of our Christmas decorations! The big thing that is missing right now is the Dept 56 North Pole Village. That takes me forever to set up, so I need to get on that tonight some time. 

Nope, the house is a mess and it is really tough to. However, I have been doing OK on my eating well. One thing this whole happiness project has taught me is that I need to really be exercising. It is very sad that I haven’t exercised like at all during the project. 

I spent some time doing my Beth Moore study today. It was great to dive back into that. I also have been praying a lot lately. 

Random Act of Kindness: 
I have been somewhat keeping up with this. Many times I do something without even thinking about it. Although today, I will say my “act” is being a nice driver to some really jerky drivers that were out on the road today. 

Today was Day 28 of the Happiness Project. 
Three thankful items: 

1) The last “full” day of work for the week
 I am taking a half day tomorrow so that is exciting. 

2) Getting more Christmas decorations up 
Typically I get my Christmas decorations up WAY before Thanksgiving. However, this year, I am like right on top of Thanksgiving. It is crazy! I wonder what next year will be like. Anyway, I hope that it is worth putting up all the d├ęcor this late!

3) My Aunt Reba coming over
I am so glad my Aunt Reba is in town! I always love getting to hang out with her. I know the holidays are really tough for her this year, so I am glad that we live close by! 

Heck no… I have the excuse of company being over! Haha! 

Beth Moore Study

Random Act of Kindness: 
I did this…but I don’t want to write about it.

Day 27-28 down, 2 days to go!

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