Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Birthstone...

So, I was just thinking of posting a separate fun blog post regarding the belly picture I posted in my previous post.

Did anyone guess the significance of the color palette?? One of you??? Do I give you all too much credit?

Anyway, I originally wanted to take my belly pics in the same black dress. However, I couldn't find a black dress that really showed off the bump. Therefore, I went through some of the stretchy tanks that I had in my closet. I had a red one that is really long and stretchy. I originally thought.. that would be great... since the red is kind of like my birth stone color, ruby. However, then it dawned on me to see if I could find a tank in the December birth stone color.

 I actually had a tank in my closet for this color!! Anyone know what the December birth stone is?


Lapis Lazuli???



Well if you chose any of the above, you would be correct! Birth stones for many of the months have changed quite frequently over the year. However, if you look at the pics above, you will notice that many of the colors are pretty similar. It seems like the most commonly accepted stone for December is turquoise or zircon from what I have researched.

Here is a pretty poem supposedly written in 1870 by an unknown author about December:

If cold December gave you birth,
The month of snow and ice and mirth,
Place on your hand a turquoise blue;
Success will bless whate'er you do.

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