Monday, June 10, 2013

New Years Goals/Resolution Update

Well it has been almost 6 months, lets see how well I have done on my new years goals/resolutions. 

  • Get logo/branding figured out. (50% complete-I have a logo but the website still needs work etc. This may not happen this year)
  • Second shoot 4 weddings.  (I have second shot 2 and I have another lined up)
  • Shoot at least 4 portrait shoots. (I have done about 4 but they weren't paid)
  • Finish Beth Moore Study.  (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
  • Finish reading the Bible. (Nope, not even close)
  • Pray every day together before work. (We just recently started doing this, it took us 6 months to start!)
  • Exercise 4 days a week.  Pregnant, this ain't happening 4 days a week!
  • Get back to goal weight.  Ya, um pregnant so this isn't happening, maybe next year's goal
  • Try to “eat” all needed vitamins rather than pop pills So much for that, I am on a prenatal vitamin!
Home Related
  • Get new tree (100%, yay! we got a crape myrtle, I can't wait for it to bloom)
  • Get yard remulched and maintain. (90% we still have some work to do)
  • Fix nail pops in house. (0%, this has not been a priority)
  • Get all grout cleaned and sealed. (5%, I at least got the cleaner ordered)
  • Get office completed. (5%, it is painted but not done at all)
  • Stick to the budget. (We are doing well with this starting this month, again it took us 6 months to get around to it!)
  • Pay off the Miata (100% complete! Done.. and now we are working on the CX5)

Well, I am actually pretty proud of how we have done on the goals so far. A few of them I definitely need to get around to, but I am still feeling pretty good. I think my photography goals could have been better if my camera wouldn't have had issues. I actually had to turn down a second shooting gig, and some shoots because of it. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon!

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