Thursday, July 4, 2013

Letter From My Mom

My mom is here this week and she brought my baby book to me. It was filled with milestones of my growing up and my birth story etc. Anyway, inside the book there were two letters, one from my mom and one from my dad. This letter from my mom was written to me when I was 6 weeks old. I transcribed it word for word:

Dear Lindsey,

Unlike so many children of these times, you are a truly wanted baby. Your daddy and I tried for five years to have you. When I look at you so precious laying there I can honestly say that you were worth waiting for.

You looked just like your daddy when you were born. I was so glad to have a daughter to love.

When you first were born and I would hold you and rock you to sleep, you would have the cutest little smile on your face. Your Grandma VanMetre said that you were talking to the angels,  and I believe her. I wish that you could always talk to the angels like that. I could imagine all of the instructions that they must have given you. I believe that you could talk to them beause I believe that you were sent to us from God. We prayed many times for a baby like you. If you were talking to the angels, I know that they were telling you how much you are loved.

From the day you were born you had the sweetest disposition. You hardly ever cry and you are very cuddly. Everyone raves about how beautiful you are.

Your daddy and I could not love you any more than we do. I cry at the thought of leaving you to go anywhere. I want to be with you all the time. You are a part of me.

You are now 6 weeks old and you sleep pretty much through the night. I don't think you talk to the angels much anymore because you are learning to communicate with us. You smile at us and your eyes light up when we play with you.

I hope that as you grow up that you will develop a relationship with Jesus. He will be the one to turn to when you have heartache and feel alone. Your daddy and I cannot give the same comfort as God can. We are only humans and you will find out that we are by no means perfect.

You are the most important thing in our lives right now. Neither of us realized how much we would love you when you were born. I pray that God will protect you and allow us to take care of you for many years.

After having you for 6 weeks all we can wonder is why were we blessed with such a wonderful, beautiful daughter. We certainly don't deserve you. God has been so gracious to us. We are so very very happy.


Your Mommy

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