Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Noelle Portugal: 28 and 29 weeks

Seems like this may become the pattern.. every two weeks. I may have been a bit optimistic in the beginning trying to post every week. :)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:
- Sleep has been getting better. My birthing instructor comforted me telling me that I cannot squash Noelle by laying partially on my stomach.. Nice to know!
- Went to a La Leche League meeting. It was ok.. but now I am on a researching rampage because there is so much I don't know.
- I have been booking photography sessions like crazy (I know this doesn't have to do with Noelle but it has been good)
- Birthing classes have been going well
- I got the fairy painted on the wall and it looks great!!
- Looks like all the insurance stuff will get worked out. The birthing center is going to give me a letter confirming that I will only owe my copay! So yay! That is finally off my back. 

The Bad
-  I have had some major back pain lately. Ivan typically just gives me a good back massage but it still hurts

- Noelle has been freaking me out lately because she has been kicking inconsistently, I am sure she is just fine.. but it still freaks me out. 
- We originally weren't going to have to spend the time to PAINT the fairy. It was supposed to just be a nice decal, however it really didn't stick to the wall well. 
- Because of Houston rain, my photography session got postponed. However, we are going this week so yay!

The Ugly
- Nothing much, other than back pain which I wouldn't consider "the ugly" 

- Honestly, probably just stress. Work has been stressful, and then I have photography responsibilities, home responsibilities, baby research (there is a LOT of homework associated with my birthing class). I am just a bit burned out. 

28 & 29 Weeks
How far along: 28 and 29 weeks
Total weight gain: I have gained a total of around 22lbs total. I am still on track to meet my weight gain goals, so that is good! Honestly my weight gain goal is... less than 40. Hah! I will be happy if I can do that much. 
Stretch marks: YES!!!! so I finally got some but get this... they are NOT on my belly! What the heck! I got them on my butt and the back of my thighs.. and the amazing thing is.... my butt hasn't really grown.. there is still some loose skin there. So what gives! Whatever... guess they showed up where I wasn't putting coconut oil. Although, I have now started!
Sleep: Its been better this week. 
Best moment of this week: Getting the fairy finalized on the wall. Actually, (non-baby related) Tim Hawkins was AWESOME. We had such a great time.Seriously.. if you haven't seen him, definitely go sometime!
Miss anything: Eating normally...
Food cravings: Nope.. nothing
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.. doing well here. 
Labor signs: Been having some braxton hicks. Every once in awhile I will feel my belly and it will be as tight as a rock. I don't really "feel" when they are happening, I just happen to feel my belly. 
Belly button in or out: Flatish/out?? It really isnt out.. like only the top part has pushed out. It is kind of weird actually. 
Happy or moody most of the time: My stressed! That is my mood. I am typically ok... but I definitely can get moody. 
Looking forward to: My maternity shoot is today! :) Yay. Also, I am looking forward to my shower 

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