Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Joke Gift - Joke's on me

This year Christmas was well... anti-climactic. After the birth of Noelle, Christmas was just not super exciting. I already had received the best gift of all time. This must be how the grinch felt when his heart grew at the end of the story. I feel like my heart has grown so much for this little girl. I just could never have imagined loving something so much.

Anyway, I figured I would share one of the "interesting" gifts that I did get. Every year it seems someone gets a super surprise gift or a joke gift of some sort. Well this year, the joke was on me! In order for you to understand this bizarre gift, you need some background information.

When I was younger (probably around 8-9 age range) I was a bit neurotic about organization. I am still pretty neurotic but this was probably the start of some serious OCD. My neurosis centered around notebooks. Yes... notebooks. Spiral bound notebooks, bound notebooks, stationary of any sort, binders etc... it all caused me stress. For some reason, EVERY notebook I received NEEDED to have a purpose. If it didn't have a purpose I would literally cry because I was so stressed about it. I even had a notebook where I would write down the purposes of each notebook. This was so bad that literally if someone gave me a notebook for a gift, I would cry privately in a corner in my parents room. My parents had NO clue that I used to do this until I told them when I was older. Haha. I used to go into this corner also to "stress" about what purposes to give the different notebooks. Literally I would spend an hour or two sitting in there trying to assign "purposes" to each of my notebooks.

Anyway, so this Christmas, my sister decided to play a joke on me. I knew something was up when I was receiving gifts from HER mother in law's dog!! This is what I received..

Luckily I don't have this OCD issue with notebooks anymore... or this may have killed me! haha! 

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  1. love the assortment, very creative, I'm so glad you got over this. I got a joke gift too, a box with junk inside, like stuff you would put in a junk drawer, because I always complain about junk laying around (I hate clutter) but taped to the bottom of the junk box was a diamond necklace.