Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions- and 2013 update!

Ok so figuring it is time for a new year of resolutions, let me start by seeing how well I did on last year's resolutions. Of course, the pregnancy caused some of my resolutions to be void. Haha!

2013 Resolutions

  • Get logo/branding figured out. (DONE!!!
  • Second shoot 4 weddings.  (Completed- I second shot exactly 4 weddings this year)
  • Shoot at least 4 portrait shoots. (Done)
  • Finish Beth Moore Study.  (Ya, nope, not even close)
  • Finish reading the Bible. (Nope, not even close)
  • Pray every day together before work. (We started, but then stopped. We need to start this up again)
  • Exercise 4 days a week.  (Pregnant-Didn't happen. We maybe exercised once a week.)
  • Get back to goal weight.  (Ya, definitely can't happen when pregnant. This is a goal for this year!)
  • Try to “eat” all needed vitamins rather than pop pills (So much for that, I was on a prenatal vitamin!)
Home Related
  • Get new tree (100%, yay! we got a crape myrtle, I can't wait for it to bloom)
  • Get yard remulched and maintain. (Pretty decent. I consider this complete)
  • Fix nail pops in house. (0%, this has not been a priority)
  • Get all grout cleaned and sealed. (I got the cleaner, didn't actually clean. We did decide not to seal the grout).
  • Get office completed. (This is a MESS... SERIOUSLY. This needs to happen though. )
  • Stick to the budget. (Done! Starting in June, we didn't go over at all. This was all part of the plan)
  • Pay off the Miata (Done.. and we ALSO paid off the CX5. Two cars in one year!)

Overall, I am pretty happy with how well we did this year. Figuring that I wasn't pregnant when I originally came up with the goals, I think we did pretty well. So... on to this year! 

2014 Resolutions

  • Shoot at least 4 weddings this year
  • Shoot at least 6 portrait shoots
  • Create special wedding packages for clients
  • Finish Beth Moore Study.
  • Finish reading the Bible.
  • Get involved at church (after Noelle is at least 6 months old)
  • Pray every day together before work. 
  • Exercise 4 days a week (Hoping to start back up on Insanity within a few months)
  • Get back to goal weight. 
  • Get familiar with herbs and essential oils (already started this)
Home Related
  • Get office completed
  • Get yard remulched
  • Get new rug and coffee tables
  • Fix nail pops in house.
  • Get all grout cleaned
  • Start putting more money away in savings
  • Figure out a college savings plan for Noelle

I know these aren't very exciting goals but I think they are pretty lofty figuring I will have a newborn! We are just trying to adjust to our new life!

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