Thursday, January 9, 2014

Noelle Update: Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding

Well, if I thought finding time to blog when I was pregnant and working was tough, it has been 10 times harder to find time now. Anyway here is a little update.

Having a baby is TOUGH! Seriously, this is the toughest thing I have ever done. I know they tell you it will be difficult but it is impossible to completely imagine until you are in the middle of it. However, I will say that I have had a bit of a different experience then many moms because my baby had tongue tie.

Noelle had a bit of trouble latching on the first day and a half. It was very difficult for us at first. However, I do count myself lucky because after a bit of help from a lactation consultant (Leah Virgin- who I HIGHLY recommend) she started to latch. That first night all she wanted to do was latch but I had to use the C hold on my breast for her to do it. Therefore, I had to stay awake as she "latched and broke away" and then got frustrated when she wanted to latch again. Finally, my mom took over and they were able to get her to go to sleep while I got some sleep (I was VERY sleep deprived the second night).

After that, we had no problems really, other than a bit of nipple pain (just the normal slightly chapped type stuff). She nursed pretty well... but there were still a few issues. Here were the positives and negatives:

1) By week 2 Noelle had gained an entire lb, by 2.5 weeks she had gained almost 2 lbs on her birth weight. This was GREAT news.
2) She for the most part was sleeping pretty well
3) She was pooping a lot and having good diapers (though not perfect- see below)

1) The poopy diapers were still somewhat green which means I have too much foremilk (I have oversupply so a lot of "low fat" milk comes out at first)
2) She started to get VERY gassy, so much that we had to get Colic Calm to get her to relax a bit
3) During the day she would wake up almost every hour for food (which probably goes hand in hand with her only getting the non-fat milk)

When the lactation consultant did her first day evaluation of Noelle, she said that she MAY have a slight tongue tie do the fact that she was snapping her tongue back rather than keeping it extended over her bottom gum line. She wasn't sure if it was tongue tie at the time but thought I should get it checked out if she didn't latch.

Well she did latch but I decided to get it checked anyway because it could effect eating solids, breastfeeding long term, speech, etc. Well on Monday we took her to a pediatric dentist and sure enough she had a posterior tongue tie level 3. The dentist did recommend having the frenotomy so we went ahead and did it.

It was HORRIBLE watching her get it. She just wailed and wailed. Then the whole next day she did not want to latch at all. Ever since she has been having trouble latching. She finally got it to some extent but I know it isn't "correct". My nipples come out looking squished and it isn't exactly pleasant feeling. she cries every time we nurse and it is this whole ordeal. She also still gets major gas and colic calm doesn't seem to be working well. Also, she always seems to be hungry so I am unsure how much milk she is even getting. Poop is still green too. It has been a very traumatic ordeal for us and I am just at my wits end. I feel like I can't do anything to comfort my baby. She is just always unhappy. It is so hard and I pray that it will get better. I am constantly praying she will latch better... its all I can do at this point.

It is just so hard. Prayers are appreciated.  I am just glad she had gained weight early on.

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  1. I will continue to pray.
    I know this whole thing will get better and better.